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Who We Are

KoinEra is a New York based investment firm with key focus around blockchain technology and digital assets. We are well positioned at the forefront of innovation. Our founding partners have worked in the blockchain space since 2014 in consulting, finance and operational capacities. By using our in-depth expertise and early adoption of blockchain technology, we are the leading pioneers in the space.

We seek to identify, invest, and enhance the value of companies that embrace a digital asset component.

Our Mission

With the invention of Bitcoin in 2009, decentralized blockchain technologies are redefining the way people and businesses interact. This marks a key breakthrough in frictionless transfer, unencumbering trade and information share across political borders.

The rise of the blockchain technology represents an attractive investment opportunity to capitalize on the disruption of centralized services.

Our Vision

As an early supporter and pioneer within this innovative technology and new asset class, KoinEra aims to influence and elevate the overall digital asset ecosystem by identifying, investing and enhancing the companies which will be transformative to the industry, across industries.